As we saw it…

KimWe spent 10 days helping out at the New Life Children’s Centres in The Gambia as part of a group of 25. This was our first trip and before we left home we wondered what use we would be. Whatever expectations or preconceived ideas we had about going were wrong! We were both humbled by seeing first hand large scale poverty but at the same time were inspired by the warmth and happiness of everyone we met-children, staff and teachers.
Arriving at the school for the first time, any shyness we had was swept away by the many jostling, smiling kids who swarmed around us, grabbing our hands and arms, trying to drag us away to play, or see their classrooms. There were so many amazing sights and sounds. In the morning, all the children lined up outside their classrooms, clapping and singing songs praising God and thanking him for what he was doing in their lives. What a great way to start the day!
Another fantastic time was spent in the hall crammed to bursting point with children. We were all treated to music and dance, then a succession of five minute preaching by young people all aged between 12 and 16. Everyone of them spoke with a genuine passion for God’s word.
We were all able to help in different ways: painting and decorating, office work, helping in lessons, playing football and so on, through to spending time with the leaders, encouraging and helping build them up.Antony
Every single child we asked loved coming to school and wanted to learn. The drive, commitment and dedication of the children and staff was an inspiration! We know that with God’s help, the incredible work taking place at NLCC can help them achieve their goals.
Antony & Kim Askew

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