Pam, a midwife in the UK writes…

My second visit to the Gambia was no less emotional and inspirational than the first time I visited. The welcome from the children the moment we arrived at the school was spontaneous, children wanting to hold your hand and never letting go. I was surprised that the teachers also remember you from your last visit, which is amazing considering that Sylvia takes so many people each time she visits the Gambia.
The children are so disciplined and hungry for knowledge, the younger children eager to be sponsored enabling them to continue with their education.
I was fortunate to be able to spend some time at the Family Planning Clinic near the school, where the equipment I had collected for them was accepted with such joy and appreciation. For them Christmas and birthdays had come all at once! The nurses’ work with such dedication with very limited resources, the ratio of midwives to patients in labour is one midwife to ten patients. The Director of the clinic told me that the theatre table that they operate on is broken and has to be propped up whilst they operate.
I will have to start collecting for my next visit! Pam Chard.

Pam with the director and staff at the Family Planning Clinic

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