I left a bit of my heart in Gambia!

March 2014 was my first experience of going out to see the work of the New Life Children’s Centres in The Gambia,West Africa. I had heard so many stories and have had the privilege of helping support the work for the last 16 years as my husband’s parents, Ken and Sylvia Morgan are the Directors of NLCC.

Many people become emotional when they see the sad and often heartbreaking conditions that some of the families experience.Whilst I did find this side of it overwhelming and somewhat difficult to comprehend, I was mostly emotional about the incredible work that is taking place amongst the boys and girls in the schools run by NLCC.
I felt a huge sense of pride and admiration for all the hard work that has been done over the years and I am excited about the future!
Visiting the villages and compounds built around the rubbish dumps was a harsh reminder that these children need help, but more that, they need hope!
I love the fact that amongst the desperate, inconceivable living conditions and poverty, New Life Children’s Centres’ are offering THE hope these children need.
We have a wonderful opportunity to educate and help support a generation that could make all the difference.
I can’t wait to go back as there’s a bit of my heart I left behind!
Leanne Morgan
(Senior Leader)
Everyday Champions Centre, Newark


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