Why should I sponsor a Gambian child?

To understand the importance of sponsoring children through education in The Gambia, consider that the population of The Gambia is 1.8 million, and growing fast.  Forty percent of the population are aged 14 or under.  That means there is a huge number of children in the country, but unfortunately there is no state education available provided them.  The only way children can go to school is by paying.

But because most people in The Gambia are poor, with no hope of being able to afford to pay for education, generations of children never get the chance to go to school.  The only thing that matters is day-to-day existence, and children do not understand that through education they really can change their lives.

By sponsoring a child to go to school at the New Life Children’s Centre, you are opening that child’s eyes to possibility, and to opportunity.  Every child that goes to school at NLCC loves school, works hard and wants to achieve – to become a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse, or a teacher.  One boy told me he wanted to be President.

We are privileged to sponsor children who attend the New Life Children’s Centre school, and we really have seen them grow and flourish during their time there.  We have also managed to go to the school, and meet our sponsored children and their parents.  It was not until this happened that we really understood what a big impact this sponsorship can have on the children, and also their families.

Every pound given in sponsorship directly benefits the life of your sponsored child.  It is incredibly important in the life of that child and his or her family.

Anthony Askew

(Sponsor of NLCC)


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