Generational teaching..

                           Allen Prierra

We are now seeing the next generation of our young people rise up and take their place in New Life , teaching in the schools where they once were taught. Allen Prierra is our French teacher in the Junior Secondary school. He was taught in the same school by Aruna Moriba who has now retired after teaching with us for 9 years. Unfortunately his eyesight is deteriorating. He is a Sierra Leonian by nationality and came to live in The Gambia when war broke out in his country. It was Eastertime in 1995 when his village was attacked by rebel forces and he fled with practically nothing including no shoes on his feet! He had put his wife and six children into hiding and was able at a later time to smuggle them out of the country to safety.
He writes..New Life has been a mother and father to me and my family. They treat and respect everyone the same. It is wonderful for me to see how the next generation is now rising up and taking our place especially as these young people have themselves come up through New Life and been taught by us.
Footnote: For the past ten years or so we have selected students and put them into further training. Half of our present teaching staff came up through the schools and all through sponsorship. Four are presently undergoing teacher training, one nursing and one engineering. How thrilling to see the difference YOUR sponsorship makes in the lives of these young people. THANK YOU!

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