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Meet the Gambian Board of Management of NLCC

Each member of our Board out in The Gambia has a specific responsibility and part to play in the smooth running of the work. This is vital as we are only out there at certain times in the year. They each have a department over which they are responsible and also a line manager in the UK, one of the trustees who works  alongside them.

Betty Senghore

Betty is the HR business administrator of our school and is now working for her higher diploma in HR.  She is an excellent manager of people with her quiet but firm disposition. She has her finger on the button of the work so to speak! Her line manager is Becky Walker. Betty herself came up through the school and was sponsored through her education. She was in fact one of the first of a group of students that we put through Teacher Training and knows the importance of giving our children opportunities to flourish.

Abdou Beyai

Abdou is the Head Teacher of our Primary schools and has been with NLCC nearly 20 years when he first became interested in teaching and put himself through college in order to qualify. Those were the days when very few Gambians went into education and he is a great role model for our young people. He has proved to be a very dependable member. I (Sylvia) am his line manager.

 Florence Bernard

Florence is the Head Teacher of our school at Half Dye and is passionate about the new building. It’s certainly her baby! She is originally from Sierra Leone and came over to The Gambia during the war in her country as did so many at the time. She is an asset to our work over there and when contacted is quick to reply which is a real blessing, especially as I (Sylvia) am her line manager!

Seal Sylvester Jammeh

Seal is the new member of our board and is the Pastor of the church which is held in our school hall on Sundays. His role is to oversee the ministry side of the work and he arranges seminars and conferences for those leading the Christian programmes in order to develop their roles within NLCC. He is currently the Director of ‘Youth for Christ’ in The Gambia and is a very valuable member of our board.

Bernard Jatta

Bernard oversees the Pastoral Care of the schools in his role as Chaplain. He grew up in New Life and was himself sponsored to school. Bernard knows every one of our 1,500 children by name and has a real heart for them. He is a gentle guy and we all love him! Sian is his line manager.

Melvin Senghore

Melvin is another of our ‘home grown’ young people now working at New Life. He heads up the financial department in the school and is in regular contact with Beth who works on producing the Gambia side of the accounts for the Charity Commissioners in the UK. Ken is his line manager.

We are privileged and blessed to have such quality people working alongside us!

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