The Price of a Cup of Coffee

My first visit to The Gambia was December 2006 with my then 10 &12 tear old sons. I loved the weather, the food and most of all the people. After many visits and both sons having excelled in their studies in UK state schools, I wanted to help someone less fortunate have better opportunities in life. At the hotel, I had a massage with Yamu who I subtly quizzed about her life and discovered that although she was under 30 years of age, she was the only wage earner to support her sick and disabled mum and younger siblings. However, in true Gambian spirit Yamu didn`t complain and had a big smile and happy heart. I contacted Sylvia at NLCC when I got home and offered to sponsor Neneh, Yamu`s sister with her schooling although I`d never met her. Sylvia confirmed the conditions the family were living in.

A mere £15 a month for me-just one decent coffee a week in the UK! But it means the world of difference in The Gambia.

Luckily in November I saw for myself the fantastic work Sylvia and the others do at NLCC. The schools and facilities are amazing and the kids look so happy and proud to be there. It`s made me happy to give back in a small way to the country that has given me so many great memories.

Jackie Taylor

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