Sue`s Story

I went to The Gambia 21 years ago when Lisa was  out there starting the first school and although for all those years I have sponsored, I have not returned, that is until February `19 when a team of 34 of us went out. 
When I walked through the gates of Kanifing  school it seemed like yesterday! Although the campus is much bigger, the feeling when you walk in is still the same.
The children….what can I say ?They  show so much love and have so much to say, and they are all adorable.
The  exciting thing for me was that I had recently connected with my first sponsor child , Haddy from 21 years ago through social media, and although I couldn’t meet her as she’s living and working in the USA, I got to meet her daughter Isha and her mum. What an experience! It just brought it back to me how little I give but how much of an impact it makes ,the difference between a life worth living or a life selling peanuts with no future. Never underestimate the value of  your sponsorship. It really does make a difference!

 I now sponsor a beautiful child called Amy and I want to invest in her life and give her the same opportunities. So although I’ve waited 21 years it won’t be long before I go back again. In fact, I`ve booked for November `20 and my husband is coming too, along with our church Connect Group!


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