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Becky supports her sponsor’s endeavours!

Becky Walker has been involved with the work of NLCC for more than 20 years and is a valued member of the Board of Trustees. She has sponsored a number of children over the years and this is one of the families that has benefited from her support.

She writes


I have sponsored Moses, San Pierre and Fatoumata Jarjue through New Life Children’s Centre for many years. I first met Moses in Nursery School  in 1999  when he melted my heart. Moses has cerebral palsy which makes it very difficult for him to walk and talk, but he had great determination, and was a very loving little boy. He learnt to read and write and managed to get to Primary grade 3 at our Kanifing school. He was 19 by this time!

Along the way, I took on San Pierre and Fatoumata. San Pierre went through Kanifing school to grade 9 and is now in Senior Secondary School, and Fatoumata is currently in grade 8 at Kanifing. I’m sure they will both do well in the future.

A few years ago I was concerned as to what Moses would do when he finished school. In 2015 Moses had a bright idea! He would have a stall outside his home where he could sell sweets, pens and pencils to the children going to school and thus earn some money to help pay his way. I started him off with £20 to buy some stock, from money given to me by my local churches. Then his very supportive father helped him with a stall and Moses was in business. On the next trip in March 2016 I asked San Pierre how Moses was doing, was he making a profit, San Pierre said “Of course!”. I visited the stall and gave him some more money and stock and he continued doing well. Unfortunately there were political problems in Gambia 2016/2017, so Moses` mother took him to Senegal for safety.

 I met up with him again in March this year and gave him more money and some stock to get him started with his stall again. I intend to go to see Moses and his stall in February next year, and continue to support and encourage him. Thank you to members of Bloxwich Community Church, Legacy Church Walsall and Hope Church West Bromwich for their contributions to help Moses

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