We want every child to live a healthy and full life.

To be able to provide full-time education alone is not enough when children are dying from preventable illnesses each year. We care for every single one of our children and being committed to caring for their health and welfare is part of our mission.

Our School Nurse

We now have a fully functional first aid room and have employed a registered local nurse at our school site in Kanifing and have plans in development for another nurse at our Half Dye school. This means that each one of our 1300 students have access to free health care, resulting in health care problems being identified much earlier in order to prevent more serious outcomes.

On one of our most recent visits to The Gambia we were able to run hand washing workshops with the children. This focused on the importance of making the effort to wash their hands when necessary throughout the day to help prevent illness. In addition to this, we also taught some of the grade 9 girls how to make their own re-usable sanitary pads. These are products that can cost too much for families to buy and often girls are made to feel unclean during their time of the month and will stay home from school if they do not have appropriate sanitary products available. By supplying them with resources and teaching the girls how to make their own, they can not only re-use them, but also teach the younger girls how to make their own. This is a project which we hope will continue to have a positive impact for the girls over the coming years.

Our Partnership

We also have a fantastic partnership with a local doctor and clinic, which is essential for us to be able to impact the wider community.

How You Can Help

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