Lisa Celebrates 25 Years

On October 30th 1997, as a young teacher, I flew to The Gambia with a Yorkshire couple, John and Cathy Scott with the aim of helping them set up a school for the children who were already accessing a club they were running.
We were determined that in 27 weeks this would happen and those months were certainly busy! Studies for local children were started, teachers employed and a search for a compound to buy so that we could set up our first proper school.
This happened in a wonderful way and we were able to purchase the large piece of land on which our Kanifing school is operating today. 

Jesus was faithful in so many ways. The children became part of the community and many of these are still with us today and also around the world.

My latest trip this year with my mum was almost exactly 25 years to the day that I first arrived for the long visit. At church on the Sunday I had the opportunity to celebrate with several wonderful people who I met 25 years ago and who are still part of New Life today. It`s so wonderful seeing how they’ve all grown, developed and are now making a difference in The Gambia in Jesus’ name.

From within The Gambia God continues to raise up those who have a heart to meet the needs of the physically and spiritually poor. The exciting thing is to see the present generation of pupils connect with staff, peers and purpose. As we celebrate 25 years, it is difficult to comprehend how many thousands of connections have been made through the years, both to community and God. 

Many opportunities for Gambian children and families have resulted and countless lives of people around the world impacted as they find the rich experience of generosity. Money, energy and time is constantly donated by so many people and it is through this that this special work continues to thrive and be the means of helping children reach their full potential.   

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