“They have remembered what many have forgotten”

Reflections from Crystal’s visit to Gambia last week…

Last week in Gambia my eyes have seen grave poverty that my mind could not register. As I walked through this village the burning landfill polluted the lungs but many ventured into this toxic waste to find resources.

I entered a home void of light, space and basic facilities for which rent was being paid. What was also evident was the spirit of these people were much more than their circumstances.

Children smiled as you greeted them, held your hand, cuddled you. The elders were hospitable with warm welcome. This community placed value where value should always sit – loving others. Relationship rich they exhibit great fortitude.

They have remembered what many have forgotten – unity is oxygen. No man on earth should have to face this type of existence.

So what are our next steps now? We must make it our daily focus to positively impact and sow into the life of others.

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