“The results are, without a doubt, invaluable”

Psalm 145:8 The lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.

It has been a real honour and privilege to visit the local community in Gambia. It was a heart breaking but also heart humbling experience.

By visiting families and interacting with the local kids (who naturally have such restricted opportunities), I felt we were actively being Jesus’s hands and feet. It was such a blessing to have an extraordinary opportunity to physically show the love of Christ thought our actions.

It is evident that so much thought, time and planning has gone into building such a successful school, not to mention the rapport with local communities. The results are, without a doubt, invaluable.

It really struck me how willing and eager the kids were to be in school. They mimicked each teacher with such passion and enthusiasm. I found it humbling how thankful they were to God each day, to be in school and even just to be alive.

One of the many highlights was visiting a local hospital and nursery school. Although conditions are incomparable, it was great to see that the nursery school had a strong foundation and curriculum. I met with a few students and immediately noted their caring, passionate and dedicated nature. It gives me so much hope knowing they will soon be serving the local communities.

I definitely pray I get the chance to visit again one day really soon!


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