My Week in The Gambia by Jenny Harris

I met up with Sylvia when I was spending time in The Gambia in November 2018.  I spent a week visiting the children at both schools.  It was such a great opportunity and amazing experience. 

I initially met Sylvia when we both happened to be staying in the same hotel in The Gambia in March 2018.  I got talking to a few people in her group and was really interested in helping out with the charity.  I am a Neonatal Nurse in London and have a keen interest in travelling and charity work, so helping with NLCC seemed a perfect idea.

Whilst visiting the schools, I met the beautiful children that go there thanks to their sponsors, and got talking to the teachers who work there.  To my amazement I found out that the teachers were also pupils there.  What a great thing to see coming from this charity.  Not only an education but a future. 

Whilst at Half Dye School, Sylvia was taking photos of children that needed sponsors.  It was at this point that I met Saikou, who was four years old and just enrolled at the school.  He seemed such a lovely shy little boy and I instantly knew I wanted to sponsor him and help him gain a great education and a chance at a great future.   Following my decision, I wanted to meet his family.  They live very close to the school, so one of the teachers took us to visit.  The family are very poor, which made me realise I really was making a good decision.  If Saikou didn’t get sponsored he wouldn’t be able to go to school and would follow in his parents` footsteps and live a life of poverty.  However now he has a great opportunity ahead of him.

When I came back to England and back to work, I told my colleagues and friends about my visit and Saikou.  I have already had people asking me if they can sponsor a child as well.  What a great way to end the year!  I am looking forward to watching Saikou grow and develop through school as well as visiting him and his family when possible. 

Thank you New Life Children’s Centres.

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