What a privilege!

Recently I had the great privilege of heading over to The Gambia. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Everyone told me that it can be an emotional trip, but I had convinced myself that it would be more “interesting & informative”, that it would be good to see and understand the work that goes on in NLCC, so that I could explain it to others more clearly. But emotional and impacting for me? Nahhh.

Oh, how wrong I was! On one of the first evenings, we took a trip into one of the local villages that is basically built on/next to a rubbish tip. The children are amazing and so lovable. You end up walking around the village with a different child hanging on to each finger and somehow carrying another one on your arm.

The thing that struck me most was not their lack of shoes, not the poverty, not that they lived on a rubbish tip, but the difference that education makes to a child in The Gambia. Holding my hands were two little girls, both around the same age. Both lovely, playful children. Both living in the same village. But only one of them was in education at NLCC. And only one of them was able to really engage in conversation. Only one of them was really able to talk to me about her life. It felt like only one of them had real hope to do something great with her life.

That’s when I realised how much of a difference NLCC makes in The Gambia. They provide education and education provides hope. It made me realise how important it is, not only that we get more children sponsored, but that we invest in the expansion of NLCC so that there is more space to give more children in The Gambia hope.

My trip to the Gambia was way more than “interesting & informative”. It has inspired me to do whatever I can, to help bring hope to more families.

Matt Gomez                                        

Community lead at Everyday Champions Centre, Newark

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